Les Amis d’Al-Rowwad

Images for life : A Photography and Video Project in Aida Refugee Camp


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Being part of the activities proposed by Al-Rowwad Cultural Center, our project is to organize training for a group of young Palestinians and adults in both video and photography in order to empower them through media, give them new opportunities, develop a large range of activities and to produce some artistic works (in photo and video) that can be sold and distributed (cards, calendars, books, films), as well as proposing services (advertising, short films for organizations, etc.).
The project will include 8 months of training, 4 months of development of artistic concepts ; 4 months of production and 8 months of dissemination. In each area, 2 groups of youth and 1 group of adults will be trained. Each group will include 10 persons.


- Train youth and children to use a non-violent means of expression in Aida refugee camp and Beit Jibrin by developing their artistic and creative skills ; their ability to communicate ; and by revealing beauty in their lives and environment ;

- Empower the youth and children by making them develop and realize creative and innovative projects ;

- Propose professional training in both photography and video to adults in order to create new jobs and opportunities ; and generate new kind of activities in the refugee camp ;

- Create permanent structures (a photo and video club) in Al-Rowwad Center that will enable the Center to expand its activities, undertake new projects in photo and video ; and facilitate the development of a community of artists in the camp ;

- Propose and develop a large range of high quality artistic works and services (cards, photo exhibitions ; leaflets, books, films, advertisement materials, etc.) that will generate income to develop future project and raise awareness on the situation in refugee camps by showing the human side and some positive and beautiful aspects of life that are often neglected.

Duration : 2 years


- 40 children and youths (from 14 to 18) ;
- 20 adults ;
- Indirectly the whole community in Aida refugee camp.

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